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Where in the World Are the Super Wealthy Buying Homes?

The number of ultra-wealthy, high net worth individuals has grown exponentially on a global scale over the past few years

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How Is London’s Real Estate Market Reacting to Brexit in 2018?

Many speculated that London’s long-established stance in the luxury market, for years a hotbed of some of the world’s most expensive residential property sales...

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Why Young Entrepreneurs Are Attracted to Co-Living Spaces

For millennial entrepreneurs, shacking up with roommates rather than buying a home of their own isn’t about financial necessity anymore...

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Why Are Billionaires Buying Their Neighbors’ Homes?

Many young entrepreneurs and new money billionaires are following in the footsteps of Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg in purchasing their neighbors’...

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Of Course You Can Use Bitcoin to Acquire Your Next Home

Bitcoin is also gaining traction overseas among foreign buyers who are used to trading in various types of currencies.

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